K episode 4: End of the line

Still another really slow episode, but at last things are starting to move forward a little. Now everyone is gathering at the school and they are not there for a nice visit. I’ll make this quick I know I said that I would give this show a chance until episode 6, but this is just taking way too long. Yes we discovered that Shiro really is the killer and now everything is setting up for the action to begin, but the show will be only 12 episodes long. You can already tell that a lot will be left out and that because of the originally really slow pace, this show will either have the ending rushed or it will just suck overall.

I won’t be covering this show in the future, I will still be watching it though, hopeful that something interesting happens and that I was wrong all along. Unfortunately I simply don’t have the time or the patience anymore to deal with a show in which I see no future. It is really heartbreaking to stop covering this show, because it was the best looking of the season. The art is so intense and awesome that it is a real shame it was wasted on such a slow story. The soundtrack was also really great, where the show starts to fail is when we get into story and character design. Shiro might end up an interesting psycho in the future, but for now he is an incredibly innocent and dense main character. I have my limit to how dense a main character can be before I feel like I’m watching a show for retarded kids. I watched Blood-C, I know how dumb dense character can be. I don’t care if Shiro is the future colorless king who will rule the world of if he is a vampire; I just don’t care about him anymore.

Maybe if the show turns out any good in the future I will start blogging it once again, but I see this possibility as highly unlikely. If anything this show will get even worse and less interesting as time goes on, I don’t recommend anyone to watch them…unless you are deaf and only watch it for the pretty pictures…in which case carry on I guess.

ZeroGhj signing off

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