Etotama episode 1 [First Impression]: Chibi Fighter

Etotama Chibi fighter

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Etotama is the story of a catgirl lower goddess who wants to become part of the Chinese Zodiac, she tries to join it by seducing the guy who is responsible, she tries in every way possible which she can. Things are not going easily for her as every attempts to convince the guy fails. She is trying to find who she wants to be as a goddess and what her purpose in life will be.

Etotama nyan

I must admit that I am really not a fan of both the genre of the show and its concept. I barely know any zodiac and I could care less about the concept, plus having a bunch of anthropomorphic girl forming a kind of harem around one guy is a bit cliché and awkward. To make matter worse, there are some small fighting in the show and suddenly we have everyone turn into little chibi and the entire art style changes. The fighting scenes are a bit awkward to say the least and I’m not sure I like them. It seems I am not the main audience the show is after, and that’s fine in a way. Despite this, I still found myself smiling and laughing at certain event in the episode. The show does manages to be funny and have interesting interaction between its characters.

Etotama chinese zodiac

I’m not interested in this anime enough to keep watching it, it is not bad or terrible, but it is definitively not for me and I’m not exactly sure I understand if the show is aimed more towards guys or girls to begin with. I have trouble figuring out what kind of audience the show is after and as such I would have difficulty recommending it. If anything, I don’t think same people who enjoy magical girls might like Etotama, since I have been told that those people exists, even though I never met one in my life.

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