Facebook strikes again… or not

Facebook users were crazy this morning when some ghosts found that their private messages, written in 2008-2009, were showing up on Timeline as messages “Posted by friends”.

 I tried to post this with some proof and include some accounts of users who claimed to have had their private messages turned into Timeline posts. But, everybody left the boat! There is no evidence that the allegedly exposed posts were actually private messages. I thought to myself, is it some kind of “hoax” ? is there anybody left at the table? it could be real, maybe someone found something, exactly like when you try out your magic trick in front of the class but it’s not working anymore. I tried to find a man screaming in pain somewhere because his wife found his secret life on facebook, but yet again, the crowd is unshakeable.

 Facebook reports that private messages being made public are not true. They made an investigation, everything is fine.

Some highly questionable sources tried to reignite the fire : “Some Facebook users are adamantly insisting that private messages they sent to other members are now appearing on their timelines for others to see.” – Financial Post. But, to be honest, without proof, it’s the end of the road.

I’m done with this story, until something actually happens. We used to burn witches in America.





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  1. Jolad says:

    Real good job Jay ,,,,thanks

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