Fantasista Doll episode 1 [First Impression]: Let’s play TCG with Naked Girl !

Fantasista Doll combat

This show screams of Shoujo, the show is obviously not trying to target my style here.  Fantasista Doll is a fantasy/tcg/shoujo with magical girl and stuff. The show is all about pretty cute girls  fighting each other in trading card game fashion and while it bored me to death, I’m sure that the target audience could find this show quite entertaining. A young girl who used to be a TCG champion find herself with a new device that let her summon servant magical girl using cards and they fight for her against her enemies. I’m not completely sure where the story could go from here seen I haven’t watch much show of this genre, but I’m not too interested to know either.

Fantasista Doll new master

While the show was pretty and colourful, in the first episode alone I could see a couple of mistakes which quite annoyed me. The pattern of the clothes sometimes changed from different point of view and the wounds that was noticed at the end would appear and disappear depending on the situation. It was nothing huge, but since I already wasn’t too fond of the story, it was the only thing that I kept noticing. I’m obviously not into cute girls ,unless they are naked, but even in light outfits I didn’t smell an hint of ecchi (which should be obvious considering it is a shoujo). I really hate the dolls as they don’t act as servant one bit and instead act like real human being with emotion and greed and overall laziness. I mean if they really were servant I would have totally used them to do my chores, homework and for sexual relief, but obviously this is a show for little girl, so the girls had to have emotions and be humane.

Fantasista Doll room pillow talk

Meanwhile it really traumatized me that in a scene the girl said to a responsible adult that she was involved in something she couldn’t talk about and that the adult said to consider it fate and accept it. Usually when I think of a little girl who had an experience she can’t talk about I think about some kind of rape or sexual aggression of some way and that younger women told her to accept it and live with it? What kind of crazy world do they live in ! If a young girl lives a traumatic experience and she ask for help, you want to help her somehow and offer support, not tell her to deal with it and take it up the butt !

Fantasista Doll normal to get raped girl

I obviously won’t be covering this show, I won’t be watching it either. I might be a Magic player, but this is not the kind of card game I am into and the little girl within me died a long time ago after being raped and traumatized for decade… I think she committed suicide. All in all, this might be interesting for a 12 years old girl and I would recommend it to her, but I don’t think that even then it would be that fun of a show.

ZeroGhj signing off

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