Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works episode 10: Welcome Boxing Master Souichirou Kuzuki

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works defeating saber

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Without too much surprise, we found Caster’s master and are now only 1 master away from knowing everyone involve in this Holy Grail War. Lancer didn’t reappeared in ages, but I’m sure he is still out there with his master. Now Caster and Souichirou are in the forefront as the both of them are seen as the biggest problem for Rin and Emiya. Caster might not be as powerful as Berserker, but her involvement with outsider is something they just cannot ignore. What’s really surprising though is how we found the first actually full fledged mage in this Holy Grail War. Yes Illysvield had some power, but compared to the show Souichirou  just gave us, the guy is on a whole different power level. It is rather interesting that the caster servant was attributed to a mage who fights on the front line. I mean, going toe to toe with Saber and winning in melee combat? That implies that the heroic spirit summoned are not even as powerful and heroic as he is himself. The guy doesn’t want to be involve in this holy grail war, yet I think he might be stronger than any single servant except maybe for berserker. A truly powerful mage among a bunch of kids, this is sure to be interesting.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works saber switch attack

If Souichirou Kuzuki was a surprise, I must say Shirou was not unnoticed this episode either. For someone who seemed awfully powerless at first, Shirou turns out to have some pretty powerful hidden talents. If his strengthening magic was rather disappointing, his projection one was impressive. Between the dream of Archer where we learn how he was but some smith making weapons for destructive wars, to now the way Shirou makes his weapon out of thin air. If Archer was such a wonderful weapon creator, it must be an even more impressive feat to see Shirou making those from nothingness. This kind of magic definitively seem to have damaged his magic circuits, but at least Shirou was able to do something useful for once. I’m actually curious if he might be able to do greater magic now or if on the contrary he is slowly killing himself and his magical power. I hope it is the former one for his own sake, because he’s already not the favourite in this war.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Gilgamesh

The final important point I want to touch upon is good old Gilgamesh. I was surprised to see him join the war already, but it seems it won’t be the case, the guy has a plan. I’m not sure I understood everything about his plan, but it seems to involve a lot of killing around the whole globe, so it might take a little while, even for the great hero Gilgamesh. To be honest, I think he can only surprise me at this point with what his plan his, I just think he will run around and kill everyone who isn’t contributing to society right now, this might spark some controversy with the other Masters.

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