Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works episode 11: Awakening the Magic Inside

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Mouhahaha, finally Shirou is beginning to look more like a real man, I was really scared he might begin to be even more of a wussy mage after his left side began to hurt. It meant he was either going to begin extremely awesome or incredibly useless.  I am really happy it now means he’s going to be useful, because he was already useless enough. I want a strong character, between Rin and Shirou, I can’t say I am most please with my choices of protagonist. Yes, yes, Rin is a powerful mage and all, but she isn’t as strong as many of the other Masters in this competition. Plus, the whole thing about teens with unrealistic expectations and stupid ideologies takes a lot of space in this show and I can’t say it is interesting in any way.

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If the focus goes a bit more towards magic, fighting and the heroic spirit, maybe I can get back into this show a bit more. I am interested in learning more about Archer and his cause, I am interested in Caster and his master, I am interested in just about everyone who isn’t an obnoxious teenager. I’ve been a teenager already, I’ve been surrounded by teenagers back in the day, I’m done with the “teenager’s way of thinking”. If Shirou starts fighting and becoming increasingly powerful though, I’ll be right back behind him cheering him on to win this holy grail. The boy is completely selfish in his selflessness. It is such an immature way of doing things, helping everyone, wanting to be liked by everyone…truth is, no one ever asked you for help. You cannot save everyone the way you want them to be saved and not have some of them feel attacked or offended by what you did, your vision of justice cannot apply to everyone. If you are too selfless, never thinking about yourself, people will run away from you. You will seen empty, you will act like someone with no personality, it would be as if your whole life is a lie to yourself. You need to love yourself first for others to be able to like you. Hopefully Shirou will learn this before the end, otherwise he’s action will continue to look cringeworthy.

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On a different note, I was so eager to hear Saber reveal to Shirou she knew a lot more about Kiritsugu than he might expect. She was so close to finally speaking about it, yet Archer interrupted her! I know this is how things are to keep up the suspense and make things more interesting in the long run, but I cannot wait for this information to be revealed to Shirou. There is so much more at play than what it seems right now, yet Rin and Shirou are completely oblivious to it so far. I crave for the truth.

To mark the end of this first half(?) of the Fate/Stay Night story I expect next episode to be the final battle against Caster. It will be the showdown where one of the strongest servant will fall. A 2 on 2 battle, Caster and Assassin against Archer and Saber, it ought to be exciting and hopefully, hopefully, we even get to see the end of said battle and everything doesn’t simply end in a huge cliffhanger.

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