Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works episode 12 [Final]: I’m done with Shirou

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First, please take the “Final” in the title with a grain of salt. I personally always find it odd that we call an anime to have a final episode when it simply take one season off to finish off its story. Fall and Spring is where the viewership is at and it is why a big production like this one want to air at the most optimal time. We’ll get the second half of the story in about 4 months, so no need to panic or see this as a major cliffhanger.

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Now, into the episode itself! I must say that despite this episode being longer than usual I really wish it would have been kept much shorter. The first half of this episode was so damn awful I just wanted to quit watching right here and there. If there is one more date before we reach the end I might just quit this anime, we’ve already had to cope with so much teenage bullshit I’m reaching my limit here. I understand this was a minimal portion of the episode, but it felt like it would never end to me.

What is even worse is how cringe worthy our own main protagonist behaved right afterward. When faced with a tough decision the guy just goes and make everything worse because of some sense of justice. I understand Shirou always behaved somehow like this, but when we get to such important decisions, when we get in positions of life or death and he holds the power to finally make his life right…I just wish the guy would get a clue a become reasonable and intelligent one day! The entire thing between Caster and Shirou was taking forever and has such a weak outcome from our Shirou I simply felt frustrated about the show and didn’t care to know what would happen to the guy anymore.

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This is my main complain about Fate/Stay Night from the very beginning, the characters (or at least the main ones) are all awkward teens that are very difficult to relate to or like in any way. Shirou was an eyesore at first and instead of getting better the guy is just getting worse by the minute. “Making things right” won’t change anything at this point, I finally decided to hate the character to the bones, the guy is cringe worthy, Emiya should have never saved Shirou at the end of Fate/Zero, he was not worthy of living.

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As soon as the story drifted away from Shirou though, the show went back to its previous awesomeness and what I remembered to love about Fate/Zero. From the discussion between Rin and Archer to Caster’s attack on the Church and Kirei, the story is going in places I would have never imagined. Caster ability to break the rules and bend the will of the system to her liking is really disturbing the peace here, it excites me for the future. Now if only we could have a different protagonist to see said future…it would be wonderful.

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