Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works episode 15: Illyasviel, the Final Creation

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works the loli and the giant

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As much as I liked certain part of this episode, there were many other that bothered me from the way it was done. Most of the episode focused on Illyasviel and I can’t say she was my favourite character before her story was explained this episode, and I can’t say she’s my favourite character afterwards either. I’m not exactly sure what the deal is with Fate/Stay Night, but most characters are just portrayed so weirdly, I find it very difficult to like or care for most of them. I don’t even know that it is because they are teenagers anymore, I just think the way their personalities and development is presented sucks.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works dead

Between Rin, Emiya, Shinji Matou and Illyasviel, we start with more than half the master which I couldn’t give a shit about, and two of them are the main characters. At first I thought I hated them because they were all teenagers, but I’m slowly understanding that it is not the cause of my hate. I just thing that character introduction and development in Fate/Stay Night is not done appropriately. You have Rin and Emiya who spend ages with casual talk but without ever coming up with a single interesting word, then you have Illyasviel who has a much richer and more emotional story that is quickly glanced over in a single episode…right before she dies. At this point I feel like Illyasviel could have never existed in this story and it wouldn’t have changed anything, she appeared in 2 episodes or so. First one she made a mess and was known to have the strongest servant, then next episode we saw her…she dies. I’m sure she could have been an interesting character if she maybe had a little bit more exposure before her demise, the way things were laid out it was simply impossible to even care for that little girl.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works chained up

Gilgamesh knew that Heracles was the only real threat to him in term of power. Both of them are essentially Gods, so for once Gilgamesh was not met with a lowly mortal who simply stole his treasures. Yet Heracles was too soft and humane, Gilgamesh being the huge asshole that he is had no issue using his current weakness against him. It was a bit sad to see such a great hero being vanquished so easily. Yet I think Gilgamesh has not met the greatest foe yet. Yes Heracles is a demi-god, but it is still only a single heroic spirit. Now he will have to face Saber, Caster, Archer and Assassin all at once if he wish to properly win the Grail this time around. I know Gilgamesh is strong, but he’s still only one legend against 4. Unless he picks them out one by one, I doubt he stand a chance. At the pace things are going, I feel it is only a question of 3 more episodes or so before the final few confrontation begins. Lancer’s master has yet to make a visible move, Rin and Emiya are useless, Gilgamesh is entering the scene and meanwhile Caster is creating a fine harem for herself. I have no idea in what direction things will go towards now.

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