Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works episode 16: Archer, the Betrayer

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 I understand that this episode was needed to transition towards the finale, but I still feel it was pretty empty in content. As far as I know, the only thing that truly happened this episode was the alliance between Lancer and the two kids. Everything else around it just seemed like fluff to me, especially considering my great lack of interest for both Tohsaka and Emiya. Most of the episode was about their difference and essentially only consisted of Rin scolding Shirou for who he is, I can understand how that would make sense in the visual novel, but it just seem like pointless element in the anime.

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Kuzuki looks like an interesting character, Lancer’s master look like an interesting character, all the servants are interesting characters…not the 3 kids. I despise the innocence and stupidity of our main character and I find it simply aggravating when it features as the main element of an episode. This just goes to make me despise the show when I really shouldn’t, but it feels like a torture to have such a splendid universe ruined because of the point of view we approach it from.

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Archer should have been the center of attention for this story, I understand he still is a major focus, but I’d rather have the role reversed where Archer is central and Tohsaka is a side nuisance. Archer has depth and he is an interesting character, it is already obvious since the first time he left with Caster that he has a plan up his sleeve. I don’t know if the intense foreshadowing is intentional or not, but there was never any doubt that Archer would continue to be heavily involved with Tohsaka and he would either go back to her side or just somehow win the grail for her. Archer is one of the most intelligent servant there is in this competition, he knows what he is doing and while it seems obvious that Caster has doubt about him and watch over him carefully, but I think she is too busy trying to figure out where the Grail is to really pay full attention to his personality and his intentions. I’m sure that in the coming episode Archer will “surprise us” with some more unexpected treachery, but it is already so expected at this point that I feel the “twist” will be a lot less impressive than it should have been.

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Overall, while we got to see Lancer one more time (finally) I don’t think there really was much going on this episode, I feel I could have skipped the episode completely short of 2 or 3 minutes to explain Lancer and the kids alliance and I would have liked the show just as much if not more. At least it seems that the action is about to resume very quickly and I’m eager to see what kind of plan Tohsaka has on her mind.

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