Fate/Stay Night : Unlimited Blade Works episode 2: Quick Intro to the Holy Grail War and Why You Will Die

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works false priest

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 oh Kirei, you sure have your way with words and the feeble minded. Feeding your lies into the head of this young novice, making sure that you can convey your ideas and seek vengeance on the man who stole your victory 10 years ago. I love this character, he is so twisted in his values, a fake priest is such a weak title for such a corrupted man. He killed Tohsaka’s father, he curses and tried to kill Emiya’s mentor countless times, with such a man to influence the two strongest servants’ Masters, things can only go horrible in this Holy Grail War. As someone who hasn’t seen the original anime or played the game, it will be extremely interesting to see how things are going to develop.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works making the contract

In other news, how twisted is fate, for Emiya and Illya to meet in an Holy Grail War like this. Illya had shown up before to warn Emiya of the incoming battles, but it was not yet clear that she was actually a Master. Even more surprising that she is the one to control Berserker. That girl was so young and sweet in Fate/Zero, she was still young, but I didn’t expect her to grow up to give such a weird and cruel aura. She acts like those creepy little girl in horror movies. I feel like she was born coming out of a TV after you watched a cursed video tape. Will Emiya and Illya really fight one another despite being non-blood related brother and sister? Emiya was adopted and Illya is only really half human technically, but they both have the same father, albeit Emiya might not be aware of that fact. I actually wonder how much Illya knows about all this.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Illya

I also wonder how much Saber remembers. She obviously remembers about Kotomine Kirei, she remembers the name of Emiya too, so certainly she would have the best information to tell Emiya, she has a lot of knowledge which would be quite beneficial for him.  I really hope she tells him at some point. It is interesting to see all those kids fight one another while in the dark, but it would make the story even more profound I believe if at least halfway through our main character was to figure out the truth from the lies. It is incredibly fun and frustrating to watch this unfold as a viewer since we know so much more than the characters and yet we are powerless to change anything about the story and what the characters knows and don’t know.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Berserker

While this is yet to be confirmed information, I would expect this season of Fate/Stay Night to be 24 episodes or have it be divided into two seasons of 12 episodes. Therefore it comes to a shock as to how quickly things are progressing, we already had some intense fighting in episode 0 and 1, but now Berserker even joins the melee and with this guy, you can know no one is going to stop him once it begins. With already 4 of the 7 servant revealed in the second episode, it makes me wonder how complex and how long people will survive in this war. Obviously people can’t start dying everywhere just yet, it has only begun, but surely all fight won’t end in draw forever. I am so hyped for more episode, such a shame that only episode 0 and 1 were 1-hour special, I could have watched the whole season in that format and I would have loved it. I need more!

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