Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works episode 20: Never Giving Up

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works sword coming in

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 That was quite the confrontation of ideals between Archer and Emiya, I must say there is a great beauty in the way a very personal and emotional struggle was brought to life as a real battle between two individuals. What is usually a powerful inner struggle has become a confrontation between the future and the past, accepting or rejecting one self. What is it that this new Emiya has learned that the previous one never did. Obviously they are not exactly the same person, they have something different about them. Is it only that Emiya was able to experience and anticipate what his life would be? Is it the new skills Emiya learnt for himself that will set him forward in his future? Or is Emiya simply so stubborn that he will repeat his own life and repeat the circle where he will one day hate himself too. We have yet to see the conclusion of their little scuffle, but considering how epic and interesting it was in this episode, I don’t doubt the finale will be just as intriguing. I somehow still believe that the two of them will come to term with one another in the end though, but at this point that might just be my wishful thinking.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works back to back against the wheel of time

On a different topic, Kotominei sure got downed quickly this episode. The guy is essentially the final boss of the two last Holy Grail Wars and he was pierced in a second by Lancer. I won’t believe he is actually dead, he is such an important character in this story and the previous one, Gilgamesh needs an anchor into this world and surely he wouldn’t just let Kotominei die like this, he needs him to summon the grail. he looks really dead, but it is not a death intense and dramatic enough for the powerful man that he is. The guy has so much “bad guy vibe” on his shoulder that he cannot be gone this easily, Emiya and Rin needs another opponent after this and Gilgamesh won’t be enough. Kotominei and Rin need a final face off, the two of them have too much of an history for it to end this way, it would be a wasted opportunity. Sure Gilgamesh is strong, but he is not strong, but I don’t think he can obtain the grail without an anchor to this world, I know that the stupid brat, Shinji, is still alive and still technically an anchor for Gilgamesh, but surely the guy would want someone a little more potent to be his source of mana…right? I’d be really disappointed if Kotominei doesn’t make a come back.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works lancer strikes back

Last but not least, I had been waiting so long for this to happen, but finally the link between Saber and Emiya was revealed, he could summon her because he holds inside him the artifact that link her heroic spirit to the real world. He was implicitly explained how he managed to survive and no one else, he now know why he is special and why he holds this special connection to Saber. He never needed any special relic to summon her because he now holds the relic within himself. I wish this reveal would have been a bit more explicit and with more involvement from Saber, but I am still satisfied even if this is all we get to see. At least Emiya won’t die or see Saber go before knowing the truth about this. I’m fine if he dies now.

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