Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works episode 22: Missed Opportunity

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This episode was so awkward, we just left the action for this one episode of rest and planning until the finale, a last episode to develop the characters and settles things…yet it felt like everything that should have happened have been tone down ten fold. This episode was the perfect opportunity for Rin and Shirou to settle their emotion for one another and it was not done. There is saying “When the stars align”, this is pretty much the case here. If you needed flags to progress with someone, they were all up and brightly flashing this episode. First Shirou officiallize his feelings indirectly to Tohsaka, then it is their last encounter like this before the fight of their lives where they could lose everything, then Tohsaka and Shirou are alone in her room. We already have a lot of element that strongly encourages a higher degree of proximity between the two, but if that was not enough yet, Tohsaka had to transmit her mana to Shirou and doing so requires bonding. The two of them love each other and I’m pretty sure this kind of magic requires them to have sex. Now I don’t know how this ended up working the way it did, I was under the impression that they did a pretty half-asses job of bonding together to transfer that mana, but I suppose Tohsaka is a great mage because without even taking any clothes off (or barely) she managed to bond with him. I mean, why was Tohsaka acting all embarrassed, she already saw Shirou without his shirt on about an hour ago and she still had more clothes on than if she would have gone to the pool. I’ve seen people on the streets with less clothes than she had on her during the transfer.

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To me, this feel like one huge mess and just a big wasted opportunity. I understand that the show is not an ecchi and might not want to show the naked body of two loving individual, since you know, everyone would be offended at seeing two people loving each other making love instead of objectifying one another like they do in ecchi or hentai. I feel violated by what appears to be intense censorship, I do not know nor have seen the original material, but this episode felt like it was reduced compared to what it should have been and I find this highly annoying.

Fate/Stay Night : Unlimited Blade Works summoning the grai;

Now the two kids will die virgins if they lose against Gilgamesh, we have 3 episodes left to conclude this story arc and, while I have trouble understanding how they will manage to fight for 3 episodes straight and what kind of new twists will pop out of nowhere,  I’m actually really looking forward to it. I’ve been rather critical of Fate/Stay Night compared to Fate/Zero and I have’t liked it as much as I wanted, but I had fun with episodes 16 onward and now I want to see how it all ends.

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  1. BrokenLoyalty says:

    Yup as you guessed it this episode was just a version of intense censorship. Because in the universe that the Fate series takes place in (termed Nasuverse), mana can be transferred through bodily fluids, with direct intercourse being the absolute best way to do so.

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