Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works episode 24: Original Against Counterfeit

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works burrowed power

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 Wait a minute, there’s another episode after this? I feel the story is pretty much over now, what is there left to be seen or done? Just one final episode that serves as a conclusion to the story? I’m not sure I know what plot there is left to close or what more there is to explain, this would have satisfied me as the end for the show, yet it appears the final episode is titled epilogue, so it is probably what we are going to get.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works in curse

This episode was pretty wild, some things I expected, other I never saw coming and still wonder what happened. I knew that Emiya would win his battle against Gilgamesh, it was already written in the stars that it would be the case, but it was still a really fun fight to watch. There were some really interesting comment made during that battle too, one of my favourite one was Shirou’s mention of Gilgamesh being a king, not a warrior. This makes a lot of sense after all, Gilgamesh IS a king, he never had to fight, he simply send people to battle and uses his vast collection of weapon to his advantage against his opponent. Gilgamesh is more akin to a war general than a foot soldier, he knows how fighting is done, but he’s not the one who would usually go about and kill someone. It is, as he would himself say, something below him. He only shows up when the foe is of exceptional strength, in which case he will use overwhelming force and tools of unimaginable power to win the fight for him. If Emiya is a faker who is but an imitation, Gilgamesh would be a collector who uses the gifts of others which he has stolen. In the end, I don’t know if any one of their method is better than the other, but Gilgamesh could have been a little bit less cocky and maybe he would have had better odds of winning this.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works emiya disappearing

On a different topic, I really wonder what the hell happened with Archer popping up once again out of nowhere. At first I thought that since he is some kind of ethereal guardian that transcend space and time he was summoned there to make sure that the “good guys win”. But then at the end of the battle he disappeared as if he had exhausted all his mana, so it made me think that maybe in the end he just never disappeared in the first place? If this is the case, there is something extremely weird that I cannot comprehend going on. Archer had already began disintegrating a couple days before during his fight against himself, how would he have managed not only to survive Gilgamesh’s attack, but also fake his death, remain in hiding and keep yet enough mana to make a difference in the final fight? I have no idea what kind of bullshit was pulled here, but it confuses me to no end. I hope we will get some kind of explanation for this in the last episode, because right now I cannot fathom how Archer could appear again so casually.

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