Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works episode 25 [Final]: Unnecessary Epilogue

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 God I could have done without this episode. I feel like this episode was made just to remind me how much I hated most of what Fate/Stay Night was. I couldn’t stand episode like these before, I still can’t stand them now. This is a painful reminder of why I would not recommend Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works to others. I would recommend Fate/Zero, but not this anime, there is too much filler, too much bullshit with annoying characters. The gist of the story is great, but Rin, Shirou, Saber, they all become impossible to listen to and they are the main focus of the show, I’m not sure the solid story is enough to outweight the dullness of those characters.

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 I wish the show ended last episode, I would have only remembered the awesome action scenes and the cool story, not all this bullshit. I feel this episode should have been an OVA for the people who cared for the characters and actually wanted more out of them. Suffering through this last episode wasn’t fun for me, the ending to episode 24 felt satisfying, episode 25 feels like torture. Maybe if this episode went far ahead in time and we could have a more decided Emiya talking, instead of a slightly older version of the same guy who annoyed us all season. I’m not even sure what to say of this episode anymore, I feel betrayed that we had one more episode, one more chance to make things right and have us remember only the best thing about it, and they fucked it all up instead.

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We did get a little moment with Archer at the end, but his 20 seconds felt meaningless and did not alleviate my hatred for this final episode one bit. This should have been his time to shine again, it should have been the time where he explains how the hell he showed up once again at the end of the Holy Grail War. We had an entire episode to spend the 2 minutes necessary in explaining this and we somehow instead didn’t even acknowledge that what happened was odd in any way.

Fate/Stay Night just adds to my disappointment for what I covered this spring. While it was definitively popular, it just failed to meet my expectations and felt like it was dragging quite a bit. I understand it can be a difficult thing to balance between keeping to the original material and adapting the boring parts, but I suppose this story was not meant for me in the first place. I am pretty bumped out by the way things turned out with Fate/Stay Night, in case my review was not obvious enough. I wished for more and it simply never delivered. I leave Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works with bad memories and regrets, it was not worse than some other anime, but for something that had to live up to Fate/Zero, it was a huge disappointment.

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