Fate/Zero episode 18: What’s your Zombie plan?

Time to have a little flash back and to see how Kiritsugu became the man he is today.


As always, this show simply blows my mind, it is simply beautiful in so many ways, the story is well-built, the soundtrack is incredible and the animation and art is fluid and feels more perfect than reality. There really is nothing to hate about the show…or is there?

This episode felt a little empty, we are presented a story to understand Kiritsugu better, but we already meet a mysterious kid with weird ambitions and values. Maybe something else happened already in the sad life of Kiritsugu that explains his behavior, but what I see from the get go is a distant and weird kid that might already be too fucked up to be saved. The sad thing is, he had not even killed his father or become a professional killer yet by that point, the kid was weird from the get go.

I think I would have preferred to see him get a little more corrupted and twisted over time, instead of having him already so twisted and psycho from the beginning. Isn’t that the fun of a flash back after all? We want to see what happen that made the character what they are now, but while Killing his own father was most likely a big turning point in Kiritsugu’s life, it didn’t seem like such an extreme decision on his part when he did it, we already had plenty of clues that told us that Kiritsugu had a unique vision of what the world should be like. We already know that he was mentally prepared, still that young, to kill his own father.

Something that did surprise me this episode was the Zombie Apocalypse that started on the small island. I did not expect for something so catastrophic to happen in this episode, I was already mentally prepared to see something bad happen to some important character, but I did not foresee the death of EVERYONE. I guess that is one way to start a new life. Have everyone who knows you die in a zombie apocalypse and run away with a bad ass women that kills vampire zombie for a living. I was expecting a little more magic and a little less shot-gun and zombies from a show like Fate/Zero, I was pleasantly surprised.

With Sankarea, Tasogare Otomoe x Amnesia and Kore wa Zombie desu ka? all playing this season, I feel like I’ve seen way enough zombies and I won’t mind if there is a little less in Fate/Zero.

Finally, I just have to say that I really loved how the ending theme was set up this episode, it was such a smooth transition, it was really something, I think that if something sad had actually happened before, I might have cried, from the music alone.

ZeroG signing off

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