Fate/Zero Episode 21: The Countdown Continues

There’s only 5 episodes left, they can’t kill off all the secondary characters… Right?



As Saber catches up with Rider, Rider himself sees her as well and comes down, racing with her to see who “wins”. Avoiding his underhanded ways, Saber eventually catches up, only to notice that he isn’t the one who captured Irisviel. She still fights him, however, and shoots him an excalibur in the face, which makes him lose his precious chariot and he’s stuck walking back home while Saber leaves on her motorbike.

Meanwhile, Kirei is the one who actually captured Irisviel, saying something about her being the Grail’s vessel or something of the sort. After a talk with Kariya, whom he was using, Kirei meets Katou Zouken, a fucking psycho and that’s pretty much all we know for now.

When Kariya goes back to the church, he finds Tokiomi’s dead body, and that’s when the victim’s wife shows up, thinking that he killed him. This causes Kariya to go insane and to kill the girl he loved, because she thought the worse of him, and meanwhile Kirei sips his wine calmly, happy of the way things turned out.

Because that's just what evil people do.


Great episode once again!

I’m glad to see some awesome fights yet again, I was definitely happy to see Saber’s “EX-CALIBUUUUUR!!!!”, if only for the pretty explosions and sparkles. Rider got owned so bad, I think he definitely underestimated her. His funny speech after the fight still made him look super badass though, this guy is way too relaxed for his own good.

Something which was greatly enforced even more in this episode was also the idea that Kotomine Kirei is a freakin’ psycho. Having him compared to Matou Zouken (who was also pretty crazy himself) was one thing, but when he caused Kariya to go nuts and to kill the person he loved, the idea that he enjoyed it so much was shown beautifully with the sipping wine, and that scene definitely proved to me how fucked up he was. It’s great 😀

Although I do feel bad for this guy...

Apart from that, I’ll give koodos to the animation quality once more, since I was glued to the pretty backgrounds and animations throughout the whole episode. God, I love blogging this, if only so I can take millions of screencaps. The race scene was particularly well done, as well as the fight between Saber and Rider.



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