Fate/Zero II Episode 2: The Pride of True Heroes

*Note: Since Eva is currently on hiatus due to her sickness, I will be taking care of Fate/Zero II this week, we are sorry for the delay and the inconvenience very, very sorry 🙁.*



As Caster still causes a rampage in his monstrous form, Saber, Lancer and Rider try to figure out what to do to stop him, while Berserker and Gilgamesh keep their fight going, not giving two shits about the world exploding. Meanwhile, Tokiome and Kariya have a magical fight, which Kariya loses badly, being burned alive and falling down to his death but.. but.. You were so cool! 🙁.

Rider brings Caster into Aionion Hetairoi, while everyone else looks for a way to get

SHINYYYYYY 🙂 This is so pretty ^.^

rid of it completely, and Lancer eventually destroys his Noble Phantasm in order to let Saber have her left hand and destroy Caster completely. With her strength finally recovered, Saber destroys Caster with the power of Excalibur, showing just how much of a true hero she is.



KYAAAAAAA !!!!*fangirls for undetermined amounts of time*

I don’t even know where to start, so many things happened in this short 23 minutes! Why did I not watch this befoooooore?

…Ok, well to start off with the basics, I was stunned by the beautiful animation and the crazy fight scenes that were shown to us. Everything was absolutely stunning to watch, especially Saber’s scene where she defeats Caster, which was the scene which made me fangirl the most. Why power up by yourself when you can be Goku and Super Spirit Bomb your way to victory?

This girl is amazing. Period. I have to admit, I was having trouble to find something cool to say about Saber, but this time she truly shined and finally showed her worth. When Gilgamesh and Rider were talking about her, I completely agreed with Gilgamesh this time which doesn’t happen too often, because she was so very worthy of being a leader in her time, despite the flaws that Rider described as before. It was funny to see his stubborn side pop up and keep to his beliefs despite everything, though. It was also really freakin’ cool to see all the heroes coming together in order to fight off against evil, and to witness Lancer’s pride as a knight was even greater. EVERYTHING WAS SO BADASS 😀

Also, it looks to me like some romance is finally starting to pop up? It didn’t seem like anything was going to start except for Caster’s stupid obsession, but Gilgamesh said something which made my shipper heart fangirl a little more on the inside, since he seemed to have a great interest in her this week 🙂 Ohh, romance.

Ok, so now Caster is gone, and Kariya also… Or is he? I don’t know what Kirei Kotomine was doing to him raping him, for sure, but I have a feeling it might not be the end of him quite yet, although Kirei’s evil smile made me ponder slightly what was going to happen there told you, he’s been wanting to put it in Kariya’s butt for a while now. It would be too bad for Kariya to die, he was a really badass mofo :/.

So this is what they mean when they talk about tentacle rape...


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