February Update : Gaming Section comes to life soon !

New month, new announcements. I am happy to say that a new author will be joining us in the coming weeks. We will edit this update with his introductory post as soon as it will be done, but for now we want to keep the suspense for a little bit, so stay tuned to learn more.



We have a lot of news for Gaming. First off you can read this interesting article to help you discover the game of Wurm Online:

 wurm online

Our second announcement is that a new blogger is joining our team and will be posting weekly gaming articles starting March 1st. Only 2 more weeks and our most viewed empty section of the website will finally get the content it deserves!




We are about midway into this season and we made the  Top 5 Opening Theme for the season, now with a new logo (subject to change in future season hopefully).

0-gate top 5 OP

Myst also started a new series called Recommendations. This week, you can look at what she recommends in term of the best romance out there. Check it out!

Otherwise, you can click on a picture below to see the latest episode review of the shows we are covering this season. We recently started covering Kill la Kill again, so check it out!

Kill la KillMahou Sensou fire be purgednagi no asukara manaka prettyNoragami enemyToaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta brother and sisterWizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil Cecil


Our Technology section is still on hold. No content is planned for the month to come. If you are interested in contributing in the technology section, please visit this link.


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