K [first impression] episode 1: cute little Yashiro

Sometimes, to be kind and to have a pretty face is not enough to save you from trouble.

This show sure is pretty. That’s the first thing anything would notice about it. I mean, the ocean has more glitter than Edward in the sunlight. I have a feeling that K will keep on impressing me throughout the season with its visual effects.

I think a vampire just drowned over there

The second thing I noticed about this anime is that the first episode had two introductions. Just how many people do you need to introduce in the opening scene anyway that you need two of them? I felt like the show was a little on the short side, but when you take into consideration the two OPs and the ED, that’s nearly 10 minutes cut off right there.

One more K and this picture gets really inappropriate really quickly

Now, let us go back to this 15-minute episode of K that I seem to complain so much about. The show looks particularly interesting. To be honest, I don’t have much interest for the universe of the show just yet. I don’t find the story of kings with power to be a particularly entertaining one, nor do I find the Thug-life and Noble Swordsman gang to be any fun. I don’t care much for gangster and cop movies, and it is the same for anime. Since I bitch so much about the show you might wonder why I find it interesting at all? You could try to guess that it is because of the 5 seconds where we saw a naked girl dancing in the school. While I much appreciated the scene, it is unfortunately not the reason I have such strong feelings for the show. The small yaoi moment was not the reason either.

Naked Neko Nyan~

The reason the show seems awesome is because of the characters. There are many of them, but theyvall seem to have their story. I absolutely love characters in an anime; I feel like they are what makes the different between an ok anime and an awesome one. Isana is quite the interesting protagonist. We’ve seen him only for 10 minutes and he didn’t stop surprising me. He looks like such a popular, social and carefree character, yet somehow he doesn’t seem to have much consideration for the law, for work or for anyone in particular. He is polite and quite resourceful, but for some reason he is mistaken for (or he is really) a king and a killer.

I can already guess that some kind of evil twin or a double personality scenario is involved here. After all, Yashiro simply looks way too innocent to be anything else than a serial killer. Hanging around with a cat that turns into a girl (or a girl who turns into a cat?) doesn’t make him any less likely to be a cold-blooded assassin. I must still admit that I find the guy really cute and I could easily dream of yaoi scenarios with him.

I would be blushing too, but for different reasons

I will be blogging this show. It looks interesting enough that I won’t be bored for a while, and I have a feeling that we’ll  have all kinds of crazy characters to keep everything as epic as it can be. Having said that, I cannot guarantee that K will be a huge success just yet, because the universe itself looks pretty bland for now.

ZeroGhj signing off

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