Free! episode 1 [First Impression]: Naked Swim between guys

Free! sexy swimmer

So, I will clear some things first, I’m a guy, I’m not into sport shows, I’m not into boy love (although I don’t mind Yaoi) and I hate happy and dumb characters. This show is just about everything I hate, so my view on it will be a lot more negative than if you asked a girl about it.

Free! pedo swimsuit

This show is definitively not something I’ll be watching because of what I previously mentioned, but I can certainly see why most girl would be fawning over it, the show is all about nice guys who are passionate about swimming. Who am I kidding, it is because they are constantly in swimsuit or naked and that they have the bodies of Greek gods. I feel like the show is just about story-less for now and I can’t say for sure if it will go more towards the yaoi or romance side of things, but it is quite evident that one of the two will happen during the season.  There is some serious boy love going on and constant sexual innuendo, I’m sure that after a quick swim the female audience will be wetter than the anime character.

Free! Haru old

I’m all for female fan service, if girl wants to enjoy their own form of ecchi they might has well have a good looking show like this one. I seriously hope that the show either goes towards the competition once again or the romance, otherwise I just feel like it is completely empty and I personally wouldn’t bother watching it even if I were into hot guys. Hopefully the first episode wasn’t in any way a good representation of what the future holds for this and instead it will move towards a more “dramatic” scenario. I really can’t stand any show who have character who are this happy about life in general and so naïve about just about everything in life. It is a great thing to be passionate about something, sports or anything, but that passion shouldn’t take away reality from you. It is important to escape reality, but you can’t escape if you are never in it to begin with.

Free! naked swimmer

One thing I must say I found amazing was the opening. If I had to give one reason why I would definitively watch a show like this, despite the fact that just about everything with the genre seems wrong to me, is because of the opening. It was so pretty and well animated, I really don’t have much negative things to say about it. I’m certain we will see it again in our Top 5 Opening of the season, because this is the kind of quality of opening that you rarely have a chance to see.

Free! young rin

Overall, the show is definitively a high budget, girl-oriented product and I’m certain it will do quite well with the ladies. As for me, I unfortunately won’t be covering the show this season since I would be unable to give proper commentary for it.

ZeroGhj signing off

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