Free! Eternal Summer episode 12: a trip to Australia


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Rin takes Haru to Australia in order to show him the places he used to visit often when he lived there throughout Middle school. From this, Haru manages to find his own dream, and that is to keep swimming and to enter competitions.


Splatter the cheese! Splatter it all everywhere! This was probably the corniest episode of Free! so far. And I’m talking about Free! here, so you can imagine just how corny they made it.

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The trip to Australia certainly surprised me, and I was also surprised to see Rin and Haru meet up again at the end, when it really mattered. After the big dramatic events we had last episode, I assumed that Haru would find the answer to his questions either by himself or with the help of Makoto; I didn’t think Rin would show back up again, but it was fun to be able to see them together having some sweet bonding time (but I don’t support them… MakoHaru is best pairing!!).

At this point it would be silly to call it an innuendo...

At this point it would be silly to call it an innuendo…

I was also suprised at the huge amount of English this episode contained. Despite having a few bad accents here and there, overall the quality of the speech wasn’t too bad; I feel like Japanese shows have improved hugely their staff of English-speaking voice actors over the few years, and it pleases me to be able to understand a language that I can normally speak and write just fine. I was a bit bothered by the fact that supposedly Australian speakers were speaking using American English, but if I compare this to the broken-up Engrish that used to exist in anime, this is much, much better. Good job, Free. I’m proud of the example you show.

free haru dreamBut I digress. This episode was corny. To a point where I just couldn’t take it anymore. And yet, somehow it was really entertaining. Seeing Haru find his dream, as well as to denote once more his relationship with Rin and to have a bunch of RomCom flags set up everywhere just made this episode really pleasant overall. I felt a bit uncomfortable because it felt like the whole scene was purely set-up for doujin material, and overall the lines still remained extremely corny, but hey, girls like cheese and I’m a girl, so I could somewhat tolerate it.

There is one episode left of this show now, but I doubt it will do much more than to provide some sort of closure to everything. We’ll get some more cheesy moments where people happily follow their dreams while saying goodbye to their friends with sentences like “we’ll stay friends forever!” and then everyone will go their own way and live happily forever (that’s not how life works… By the way).

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