Free! Eternal Summer episode 2: Big Bad Monster

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The members of Iwatobi Swim Club advertise for the Splash Fest being hosted by Coach Sasabe, where they perform a relay against Rin’s team and introducing two new characters, Yamazaki Sousuke and Mikoshiba Momotaro. Sousuke rapidly confronts Haru and tells him to stop bothering Rin.


Well, that was certainly an interesting episode! Many new key elements were introduced: new characters, new rivalries and a possibility to see what will become of our main characters in the future?

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Haru, the most absent-minded of them all, is the one we seem to be following the most on the matter. He may only swim Free and be happy that way, but unfortunately this doesn’t allow for any income at all… (Although maybe he’s an exception, after all it seems like he is living alone with no job; maybe he has the power to summon money through his flashy undressing?) He also seems to be completely not worried about the matter. At least, from what we see of the rivalry between him and Yamazaki Sousuke, we can assume that he will eventually go up the competition league; after all, there’s nothing else really that he can do.

free sousuke smileThis episode also introduced to us more in detail the new main character of the series, Yamazaki Sousuke. His type definitely brings something new to the show; now that Rin has become less tsundere and more like Rei, we were missing that spark of ferociousness among all the characters. Yamazaki Sousuke has that meanness about him, a lot. He’s big, tall, menacing and only after one episode he has become Haru’s rival and menaces him to stop bothering Rin. Without mentioning all the doujins possible with that scenario, this does add some new spice to the show, withut being overly dramatic or cheesy. I personally enjoyed what Sousuke has given us so far; I didn’t think he would turn out this way from our meeting with him last episode, but he did and he has so far left me completely satisfied.

We also got to meet a brand new, unannounced character, Mikoshiba Momotaro. We finally got ourselves a flirt! Stupid, immature, simple and yet not a cute type, Momotaro personally struck my fancy in this episode. I used to like the older Club Captain, and now his younger brother not only seems interesting on his own, but also signifies the possible return of Seijuurou, which signifies more fun times and stupid joyfulness. Where Sousuke signifies more rivalry and suspense, Momotaro almost seems to be there solely as comic relief and eye candy; hopefully he becomes more important over mikoshiba momotarou

And with all this, the Iwatobi Swim Club has yet to find a single new member; it seems as though all the new characters are joining Rin’s club instead of Makoto’s club. And so, instead of worrying about the matter, what do our members do? Advertise for another festival and take part in another relay… With all these new introductions of characters, I’m starting to honestly wonder whether the Iwatobi swim club will get any members at all. Two new characters in one episode is already a lot, I find it hard to imagine many more than this showing up in this season…

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