Free! Eternal Summer episode 5: Nagisa’s Backstory

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Nagisa has gotten really bad grades recently, and because of this his parents wish for him to quit the swim club and focus on studying. For Nagisa, however, the Swim Club is his way to enjoy life, and so he decides to run away from home and try to live at Haru’s house without giving any more explanation than necessary. After some persuading, however, Nagisa eventually gives in and tells his story, only to then run away from his Mother who has come to pick him up. Finally, after some discussion, Nagisa decides to try and talk it out with his parents, who accept his reasons and let him join the Swim Club, so long as they all get to Nationals.


After seeing some backstory for Rin and Sousuke, now comes the time for us to learn more about Nagisa! And boy, did we get more information than I expected.

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For the first time in the anime, we finally got a story that was outside the scope of the swim club and its few members, but rather related to a completely different issue, it being that Nagisa’s parents are some strict bastards. Getting to know more about Nagisa in general, from his back-story as a studious kid who did what his parents told him to becoming a person who just loves swimming with his friends, made his character much more interesting and definitely added some substance which was somewhat lacking in Nagisa’s nagisa cry After all, the kid is supposed to be the happy-go-lucky type of the bunch, so he was left somewhat lacking in the character development up until this point. Fortunately, now we had some drama with him, and I personally really liked it as it gave the happy-go-lucky Nagisa the idea that he wasn’t always this happy, and that he only found happiness through his friends. Of course, it’s not the best plot point idea ever, but I don’t expect much in general from the show, so I was happy that we got something finally outlining the idea that the Swim Club has other things in mind than just swimming and being with friends… Kinda, anyways.

We also got a glimpse of another upcoming issue in the show, and that is the idea of a future beyond high school, and what each and everyone of them will do with it. Nagisa seems pretty set on following his dream, whatever that dream is, and with his carefree but determined attitude I do believe that he can be strong enough to achieve his goal. We still don’t know what Makoto and Rei would like to do, but so far it seems as though the most problematic part of this will be in Haru, who despite being made for becoming a competitive swimmer, doesn’t seem to want to do it for whatever reason… Honestly though, it’s pretty certain that he will be going in that direction… I don’t really see him doing anything else than that. free haru stare

Overall, this was a pretty dramatic episode, with some pretty good themes involved. We also got some more Rei+ Nagisa moments, which are honestly becoming too adorable  for even me to ignore, and we are one step closer to prefecturals, which will happen next episode. Look forward to all that swimming and all those muscles!

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