Free! Eternal Summer episode 7: Relay and Scouting

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Relay time! Samezuka wins, but Iwatobi still manages to make it to the regionals. After the end of the tournament, Haru gets scouted by many universities to go pro, but he refuses all of them. Meanwhile, Sousuke and Rin get into a fight about relays, where Sousuke admits that he really likes relays.


Well, that was a surprisingly eventful episode.

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I was expecting the relay to take the whole episode, but the relay ended slightly faster than expected, leaving us with some room for more story development; and so we got some drama for Haru, for Sousuke and Rin and even for Makoto. For a show which tends to like dragging things on just for the sake of showing us more muscle, this was actually kind of fun.

free club disappointedThe first half of the episode was far from giving us a surprising turn of events. It was pretty clear that Samezuka was still much stronger than Iwatobi, so for them to lose like this was definitely something I expected. It was still interesting though to see Iwatobi realize their clear defeat towards them, however, making them strive to improve even more.

free rin hurtThe second half of the episode wasn’t shadowed by the first part at all, giving us more wifely arguments to follow up on the Rei + Nagisa time we had recently. This time, Sousuke and Rin were featured, and despite the fact that their fight was supposedly about Sousuke realizing that he loves relays, I couldn’t help but feel that if I had no subs I would have assumed that their fight was literally about Sousuke finally realizing that he’s in love with Rin. This show may not be a yaoi, and I may not be the kind of person to imagine these things, but this anime is so full of it that I can’t even try to pretend I don’t see it anymore. Heck, I even find myself shipping it… Damn this show.

We also got more development on Haru’s side, who seems to be set on becoming a freeloader of society… Or at least, it would seem so because his lack of wanting to do anything seems like it’s about to lead him to a pathway with nothing to do. I can understand that he wouldn’t want to be a swimmer, but it seems like there’s nothing else really that he would be interested in doing instead… For the sake of the show, it’s obvious that he will become a professional swimmer and keep competing with Rin in order for them to have good bonding time in the pool, but at the same time it makes me anxious to see him be so undecided…free haru makoto wet

Stay tuned for next episode, where we will most likely get a bit fat lump of nothing happening… Considering the last two episodes, this is my assumption… But, then again, you never know.

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