Free! Eternal Summer episode 8: Coaching

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Makoto is told to teach a bunch of children how to swim at the ISTC. One kid by the name of Hayato is afraid to swim due to a past accident where he almost drowned, but Makoto manages to cure him the same way that he cured his trauma, which is by doing the backstroke in order to see the sun while swimming.

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Time for a Makoto episode! And, please, for this one episode, let’s just forget all about innuendoes and possible doujin ideas…

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Seeing Makoto comfort a child while saying “I’ll never let go of your hand” made me feel extremely awkward, especially considering the show’s habit to put heavy innuendoes everywhere – for example by bringing in an old friend of Haru and Makoto and calling him “Kiss Me”. I mean, it’s a funny joke and adds great possibilities for doujins, but adding children in there is just… No. Anyways.

free makoto coachPutting that aside, the children were especially cute, and it seemed to me as though Makoto was made to be with children (but oh wait, he is – okay, bad joke is over). The way he teaches, the way he treats them, and his gentle nature just makes him absolutely capable to do a job such as this, and it’s obvious from the show’s perspective that Makoto will probably become a swim teacher (or just a regular teacher) later on. We also weren’t given much information about Makoto before outside of his traumatic experience from when he was a kid, so to see another good side of him this episode was pretty entertaining overall.

free kisumiWe also got a hold of a new character, the “Kiss Me” guy. I am unaware whether Kisumi will come back or not as a permanent character, but I almost felt as though his appearance’s only purpose was to fill in as the producers lacked ideas to keep the show going. They then decided to add another childhood friend and to make Haru a little jealous, because why the hell not? After all, it’s not like this show’s story really matters anyways, so let’s keep things inconsistent and add childhood friends all over the place when we never even heard about them before. It’s kinda sad that, for this show, my comment actually makes sense and doesn’t seem so out of place…

It seems like next episode will be the moment that has been foreshadowed for quite some time: what will Haru do for the rest of his life? We all know already, but hey, the show needs to go on… *yawn* I’m running out of things to talk about for this show, so let’s just skip to the pictures and forget about writing…

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