Free! Eternal Summer episode 9: Haru’s Dilemma

free haru angry


It is time for regionals! Surprisingly enough, however, Haru doesn’t make it pas the first qualifiers due to him suddenly stopping during the course. It turns out that he is extremely hesitant concerning his future, and clearly seems to dislike the idea of being scouted. Rin gets angry at him for giving up so easily, but this doesn’t change Haru’s mind at all. Meanwhile, Sousuke’s shoulder seems to be getting worse rather than better over time, which could mean the end of his sports career.


Time for drama! Or, at least, some cheesy, generic sort of drama… This episode was okay; fun to the eye, okay to the plot and bleh to the original plot twists.

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We all knew, for one, that Haru was about to go through the breakdown he did. I certainly didn’t expect him to suddenly stop swimming during a competition though, but it adds a lot of spice considering the fact that he might be ruining his chances at being scouted forever. At least he finally blew up to Rin, showing us his true feelings about the situation, telling us that he really doesn’t seem to want to go pro after all. If all he wants to do is swim with his friends though, I feel like he might just make it nowhere…

free sousuke rin teachAnother “surprising” plot twist happened in this episode, which was that Sousuke apparently hurt his shoulder and it doesn’t seem to be healing, which usually means death to sports competitions for a competitive swimmer. We can only hope that his injury isn’t permanent… Is what I should say, but honestly, once again this “plot twist” was so stupidly generic that I don’t even care what happens to him in the end.

But enough about drama and storyline, because this show sucks anyways. What was fun in this episode was the awesome animation and the even more awesome man-bodies we managed to look at! The animation for water always manages to capture my eye because it is so well-done. This episode also contained a bunch of artsy scenes such as Haru’s dream as well, giving us even more cool animation sequences in which I completely did not get distracted by the swimmers being featured in them *ahem*.free haru lie down

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