Long Needed Update

It has been a while since we updated the front page, so let’s do just that. The last 3 weeks have been extremely busy in the life of our bloggers as it seems we all had lots of things to do at precisely the same time. Unfortunately this means that the gaming section still doesn’t have anything to offer…my bad.


You can check out our weekly covered anime review by clicking the thumbnail of your choice (Hint: The name of the show will show up when you hover over the pictures). This should be a little less ugly than just regular links and we will most likely use this form of display in the future too.

Check out the review of Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de, it is a show involving a war between Sega and Nintendo, if you enjoy video games and nostalgia, you will love it.

Shinsekai YoriSword Art OnlineBTOOOM!


Click the story down below to feel knowledgeable and updated about the fantastic world of technologies. We have two stories, One involves Apple lawsuit issues with their costumers and the other will make you discover Titan, one of the two fastest Supercomputer in the world !


Apple in Big Trouble

Titan the Supercomputer


 ZeroGhj signing off

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