Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Local Idol] Yatte Mita episode 1 [First Impression]: A show for the twisted mind

Locodol having fun and singing

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I’m not a fan of idol shows, I actually dislike them very much, yet I can’t say that this one is as terrible as it first sounded like. It obviously isn’t as great as some of the more popular idol shows, but for a summer anime, it is probably not too bad for those into this genre. The art and pacing of the show is not that great, the characters are rather plain and the song are really cheesy and tame. Yet there were no major flaw in the show itself that made it impossible to watch. I would even say that there was one major feature in the show that might really interest a lot of male audience. Locodol is simply a great show to watch with a 4chan mentality. It seems that just about every scene and quotes in the show are made to have sketchy double meanings. Everything can be made so much more creepier and weird in this show if you just think in twisted way at everything that his said and done.

Locodol new idols

Despite this fun way to take the show and see it as such a corrupted world, it remains that Locodol is just a really lame idol show in the end. The concept of having local idol could have possibly given a new fresh perspective on the genre, but the characters and setting is just too tame and boring to really bring anything to the table. At best this show can be watched as a way to kill time with your brain off, but even then there will be some much better alternative probably. Although if you are in complete love with idol shows, then probably that this one will do for you for the summer.

Locodol shady uncle

I will not be blogging or watching this show, not in my genre and not good enough are the reason I’d give. Watching the first episode wasn’t so painful though, it was a bit slow, but nothing too boring or stupid. So I guess it was not all negative if you like to look at things on the bright side.

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