Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun episode 1 [First Impression]: Worst Thing Ever


Wow, I have no idea who wrote this story, why it exists, how it got past the screening to become an anime and how the writer for the show didn’t kill himself when he saw that people didn’t take his joke seriously and actually made an anime out of it. I don’t understand anyone who can possibly look at this show and think this was a good idea. The show has bad animation, bad character, bad story, in a overused setting and worst of all, the show sucks! I didn’t laugh, didn’t enjoyed the ecchi, didn’t have fun watching it one bit. I don’t think the show as any redeeming factor. The setting is done poorly, the characters are unrelatable, boring and cliché.


I’m just extremely frustrated now that I’ve seen this show. I though I had already found the worst show of the season, but it is nothing compare to this steaming piece of shit.  The show is just a huge succession of still shot with mouth moving here and there, I feel like a 2 years old was in charge of this.


The only reason I bothered reviewing the show is to keep anyone from watching it ever again. It is not even bad enough to be entertaining in its badness. The show is just disappointing through and through, it is just boring. I’ve watched disappointing show after disappointing show this season, but this one definitively takes the cake. Even the kid shows were more fun to watch than this one.

Please Kill me if I have to watch this thing again.

ZeroGhj signing off

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