No Game No Life episode 1 [First Impression]: You are Winner!

No Game No Life You are Winner

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Well well, if this is not a new, original show for the season. No Game No Life is a show involving games, this is not a new concept in itself, I have watched and reviewed other similar anime in the past, but No Game No Life is different from all of them because the story and characters actually have both importance and presence. The show is obviously about games, but it seems that the struggle of the main characters and the exploration of the universe and the rules will be something put into emphasis much more than the game themselves and this is not a bad thing. I can play poker anytime I want, I can watch poker tournament online if I want to, what I cannot do is watch a story about two NEET siblings who are so good at games that no one can beat them and they are therefore sent into a world ruled by games. Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo was another anime that aired more than a year ago with a similar premise, but the show failed to be decent because the story was rushed and the character were given no importance.

No Game No Life gamer at heart

Having a show that features intelligent protagonist have fun in a fantasy world is interesting, especially since the characters are not the kind of protagonist you usually expect in this kind of show. They have a personality and way of doing thing that is interesting in and of itself. I think that just for the two NEET Sibling, No Game No Life is worth watching.


While in term of story, development, character and universe the show looks more than solid, I must say that the art and animation for the show was rather ordinary. The art style was a bit rough and there were not that many animations, even when they were playing a video game most of the visuals were just cloud of smoke or bright visual light. I would definitively not give a high mark in term of visual quality, but prettiness won’t matter if they can pull off a solid anime and I’m betting my money that No Game No Life will be a solid choice for this season.

No Game No Life winning

I will be watching and reviewing No Game No Life every week, I recommend the show to everyone, I don’t think the show is targeting a specific gender or age here, I feel like just about anyone can appreciate it and enjoy watching it.

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