No Game No Life episode 11: FPS Love Shooter

No Game No Life Shiro turned against you

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No Game No Life had never been really action oriented the way it currently is and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the results. The action is fluid and they manage to make a game of reflex and skill look like a grand calculated chess board nonetheless. Using Shiro’s innate impossible ability to calculate any odds in a fraction of second, they turned a FPS game into one big calculation where the only thing keeping them from absolute victory is the cheats that the Warbeasts are using.

No Game No Life Having fun

The action scene were really nice to look at, for a show more about games and fantasy, it was interesting to have such a fast paced episode with a lot of action and pew pew.I feel it is one of the greatest quality of No Game No Life, the way it keeps on changing and modifying the type of games they play in. We never had a game using two times the same concept, every time there is something new and different to keep things interesting and that is what makes this show so interesting in the first place.

No Game No Life terrorized of the new world

I must admit that despite how visually impressive and fun this episode was…I actually have very little to say about it. I felt like most of the story and awesomeness occurred in the action and not so much in term of content, therefore it makes it a bit difficult to speculate a lot about the future and on what happened. It was interesting how Shiro sacrificed her panties to win the game, how she played the whole game to beat the cheaters. Some people might not have understood that part immediately, but the way the Warbeasts are cheating is by using someone from the outside, looking at everyone, telling the information to their player in the game and using it to predict movement and strategies. This means that the warbeasts constantly have an advantage in setting up ambushes and being immune to them at the same time. While this is some obvious cheating, it is also something difficult to detect since there is no “program or hack” for cheating and it seems impossible for them to be able to detect what message the other person receives. This is why twitch got such a huge lag between real-time and stream time, but in the universe of No Game No Life, games are but a battlefield and they are not meant for fairness and fun. This is the most important lesson of the show.

No Game No Life Shiro the killer

As viewers we obviously just enjoy things for what they are, Shiro and Sora too are simply having fun, but it seems there is no one in that world which takes game as a way to have fun anymore, they have become an act of war,  something used for power and force. This is why Tet is so lonely now, he was a god who wanted for everyone to have fun instead of killing one another and instead every person playing games have lost the fundamentals of what games are for…and I’m pretty sure this will play a major role in the development of the story both in their current battle and in future season if they so happen.

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