No Game No Life episode 12 [Final]: World Conquest

No Game No Life Tet welcomes you

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What a splendid ending to a great show this was. It happens so often, for a great show to turn to crap because of a terrible ending, it definitively wasn’t what happened with No Game No Life. I would dare say that this final episode was by far the most action packed and awesome episode there was in the whole season. At the pace things were going, I got a bit scared that they would hurry things up too much near the end and we would end up with a rushed conclusion. Yet while they did put in a LOT of things in that final episode, they still managed to pace things very well and have the episode feel right. I didn’t felt at any point that things were moving too quickly during the episode, if anything the episode simply felt longer than 25 minutes. After all, in the span of a single episode they manage to beat the game of the Eastern Federation, take a bath in the name of furry fan service, win a second time against the Eastern Federation, divide the Elven kingdom from the inside and finally challenge the Old Gods as a final cliffhanger for the season. And somehow nothing felt too quick or out of place.

No Game No Life kill shot

No Game No Life was a success thus far, therefore it is probably safe to assume that there will indeed be a second season for the show. I am sure everyone is pretty excited about the prospect of continuing the story in the future, but for my part, even though I really loved the show, I feel satisfied with what I saw so far. I do not feel the need to continue the story as it seems already explained and clear at this point. I know where things are going and we know the character enough to be able to figure out how things will happen too. I would definitively watch a second season, but this first season felt complete and fulfilled my thirst for knowledge about the universe of No Game No Life. I’m at a point where I feel I saw everything I wanted to see for the show. I know we have yet to see the awesome Shiro and Sora beat the Old Gods and Tet himself, but we’ve seen so much already that I’m not sure I am that curious to see even more challenges. Don’t get me wrong, they were fun and could still be fun, but I’m ready to move on to something else.

No Game No Life Shrine Priestess

I said all of this, but I mean it all in the best way possible. I felt like both this episode and No Game No Life has a whole had a good pacing and managed to feel complete and had a satisfying ending despite not finishing up its story completely. It is simply proof of the quality of the show and I raise my hat for what was a fantastic season. This episode in particular was stunning in its delivery, just a shame that we didn’t get to see more from the Shrine priestess, she looked like an interesting lady.

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