No Game No Life episode 2: Falling in Love has never been easier

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I must say that while I already had a pretty good idea that No Game No Life was going to be an awesome show that would make me love and keep me entertain, I didn’t expect to have this much fun watching this second episode. I feel like the show is going in every right ways, it was funny, had this little touch of ecchi, this awesome sibling story and yet the challenge of the game and of competition of mind games.

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The one biggest surprise to me this episode was definitively the ecchi. No Game No Life didn’t strike me as much of an ecchi in the first episode, but this episode made it evident that this is no kid show. Sexual need and the problematic of sexual relationship with someone else while the two siblings can’t get away from one another, it was all already looked at in this episode and while it was mostly brought up for comedic effect, I really enjoyed getting this extra depth into the story. It helps me get more immerse and believe more in the world when things are more consistent and explained, when someone took the time of thinking this through when creating their world.

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This is another reason why I find No Game No Life so entertaining for now, because the universe seems to respect itself. I feel like I can believe in the rules and the intelligence of the character, I feel like I don’t have to worry for a sudden huge plot hole that destroys the rules will appear and this is a huge relief. Too many shows like this one ends up having big story problems in implementing their rules and structure because the story ends up unwillingly breaking those rules without realizing it. Because of the fantasy setting and the intelligence and attention in creating this story, I feel like it might not be an issue…hopefully.

Enough with the big talk, I want to highlight the fact that those two siblings are just awesome together. It is absolutely great to see them so weak when they are apart and yet so full of confidence and power when they are together. Their combo of genius is simply amazing, their trust in one another is stimulating and beautiful and their combined evilness is marvelous. I think this might be what made me fell in love so much for those two characters already, they are good at what they are doing and they are completely morally biased on their ways. I love evil characters.

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Speaking of falling in love with the characters, it was really hilarious to see Stephanie fall in love for Sora and try to resist it all the time with no avail. This small element of comedy was enough to make me laugh from start to end. It was yet another proof of the strength of the laws of this world, if the rule was for her to die instantly of an heart attack, I have a feeling it would have happened to. It was a great occasion to demonstrate the strength of the rule of this world and it was also hilarious at the same time. I wish it was that easy to get a girlfriend! Either way, No Game No Life is a solid show, I’d recommend it for everyone, I feel there is no specific audience for it and everyone can enjoy it.

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