No Game No Life episode 3: Lively Chess Game

No Game No Life traitor queen

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I really liked this episode because of what it showed about No Game No Life. The show was always told to be all about puzzle and solving them, and while it is impressive to see those two siblings come up with all possible possibility and solve things with logic, it makes things much more interesting when the rules of a game are ill-defined and can evolved like this one. They are in a fantasy world, to have a game be limited in the way it is played because of a lack of creativity would be a shame, it is much more interesting to have them play the system than to see them play a regular game of chest again and again.

No Game No Life game of chess

Pure and cold logic is cool, but it wouldn’t have worked for a whole season, seeing things transform slowly into more creative games where cheating is at the center of it all is much more interesting. What’s more, because our protagonists are humans, it is impossible for them to see or use magic. This means that as the story goes on, they will definitively start tackling more and more challenging opponents that don’t need to be as intelligent as they are, they just have to use more powerful magic.

No Game No Life with elf friend

The one thing that worries me slightly though is the direction the story is going. I understand that the two siblings are interested in playing games more than actually winning anything, but I still wish they were a bit more selfish in their quests. I understand this is more a question of proving humanity is strong, but I feel they don’t have to help the princess to achieve that goal, if anything she is wasting their time and a burden. I guess her only purpose in all this really is to be Sora’s cumbucket and nothing more. I just hope the show won’t get too “Happy let’s save the world” and will keeps its creepy, darker NEET roots.

No Game No Life power of kawai

It really isn’t something unexpected, but the previews already spoiled that Sora and Shiro will win their game and gain the throne. What will happen from there is still difficult to tell. There is a lot of way this story can go, there are a lot of races much more powerful than the humans…every one of them. So will Sora and Shiro be content with just keeping the human kingdom intact? Or will they try and challenge everyone, one after the others until they beat the Gods themselves? It is easy to see where Sora and Shiro would like to go, they will definitively see the Gods as a fun way to prove themselves, but will the show go that far or will things go into a completely different direction is something left for us to find out.

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