No Game No Life episode 4: King & Queen Blank

No Game No Life king and queen

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The premise of the show, from starting nowhere to defeating the god of this world, was never really something difficult to figure out after watching but the first episode. This episode just helped to really set the page on what this show will be about and how it will progress. We are at the fourth episode and Blank got themselves a kingdom, by episode 12 they need to have defeated god. There are 16 kingdoms total, so 15 left to conquer. From this alone you can expect things to stop ramping up so quickly for the next few episode. We will probably have a lot of political games and the kings will play games to win huge territories. I somehow doubt that the show will spend more than 2 episodes fighting against god, so we have at least 6 more episodes of “mental war” and political scheming.

No Game No Life weakling

Scheming is one of my favourite theme in life. I enjoy everything involving it and I aspire to become great at it too one day. It is easy to see how No Game No Life might look like a great world in my eyes then. It is impossible to kill anyone, the only thing that matters is your wit. The better you are at poker faces and cheating, the best your chance at ruling the world. Blank proved once again that they were the best by, not only claiming the throne of their kingdom, but also beating the one-true god in a game of chess. This is the one thing that Tet’s reappearance proved, it was the importance that his first lost had. Before we did know that they won against him, but it could have been but a trial of some kind, rather than a real serious game. Turns out that nope, the great God Tet actually lost fair and scare and he is now rather annoyed and wants a rematch.

Competition aside, it was rather fun to see Sora in power for a few days. Having just basic knowledge of our current technologies and economy makes us demi-god when it comes to ruling old kingdoms. Any educated high schooler could have given the same recommendation than Sora did, but it is the fruit of hundreds of year of progress that we came to learn about those methods. It is just rather hilarious to see the face of everyone when Sora essentially solved every major issue in their country in the course of a day. Society sure have changed for the better…but we still manage to fuck ourselves over somehow.

No Game No Life sore loser

Back into anime and away from politic. While the style of No Game No Life is unique and makes the show looks different than anything else…it remains rather ugly. When things are moving it is not as noticeable, but whenever I try to look at a still image of the show I feel like I’m looking at an incomplete sketch. I find it rather unfortunate that the art for No Game No Life is so underwhelming compared to the actual content of the show. I feel that the show might have lost some possible audience member because of this and that it could have become much more memorable than it is set to be. Either way, the show remains solid for now and I’m looking forward to the continuation of this intense game of wit.

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