No Game No Life episode 5: Dog for a day

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I feel like the power of command in this world could be easily abused to provide much greater power and function than what Shiro and Sora has used them for so far. If someone can really force so much will into someone as to change them completely as a person, I wonder what the actual limit of the commands can be. If Sora could be changed to a fulfilled person just by losing a game, wouldn’t it be possible for people to change personality completely and change sides in drawing untouched potential. What if I ask someone to be the best runner in the world, would it happen instantly, would that person train to become the best in the world or would it fail if that person is physically incapable of reaching such height?

No Game No Life God of this world

I feel like a lot of the matters with the show could be solved in an instant depending on how powerful the rules of what is bet on is applied. Need to conquer the world? Why not win a game against a child and demand of him to conquer the world for you? Need knowledge on a particular race? Beat someone into giving you all their weakness, no matter who it is and if they do have that knowledge, they will have no choice but to comply. It is rather obvious that there are limits to the rules, but it is not yet so obvious where those lies.

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I wish the rules of the world were better explained, but this might be something never resolved even in the future. For now, I’ll go back to concentrate on what happened this episode. What really stroke me this episode was how much fanservice was still present in this episode.  The show has some really weird balance between absolute ecchi fanservice and intelligent game playing. I was a bit surprised by how humiliated and used Steph ended up this episode. The poor girl was stripped naked, got used like a dog and ended up losing any credibility just to try and prove a point. I understand that it was an attempt to show some of Stephanie’s qualities and dedication to save her people, I understand it was meant to light up the mood and make the story more interesting for everyone, but I felt it was maybe a little too much all at once. I would have appreciated a little more seriousness and intellectual conversation than the comical relief presented this episode. I was pleased with the way things are already escalating towards confrontations and conquering of the world. We are nearing the halfway point of the show and we already have our protagonist going to fight against a cute little angel of death. While the concept of the universe and the characters is good enough to make the show and to keep my interest, it remains really interesting to see all the other different race that appears in this world. I’m looking forward to seeing Shiro and Sora fighting against something that isn’t even human.

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