No Game No Life episode 6: The Power of Science !

No Game No Life atom bomb

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I was a little late on this week episode and I chose very poorly to wait before watching No Game No Life this week because the episode was incredible. We had games in the past, but they were all somehow realistic and had very little magic as a part of them. We played lot of chess and card game so it was refreshing to see a game where the rules were made completely different by the power of magic. This episode was definitively much more fantasy based than anything we could see before and it did great for the show as I felt much more immerse into the game than I ever did previously.

No Game No Life death angel of doom

Let me be honest here, I can’t read Japanese, not even hiragana, so it was impossible for me to follow their game and to verify it in any way. The only thing I could understand was the way to win the game and what the game was all about. It was more than enough. The show is much more enjoyable as a fantasy of people playing game of wits than a game of wit involving fantasy. It is great to see the intelligence in the decision, it was impressive this episode to see the siblings use their superior knowledge to win against a being that consider itself so intelligent. If the angels can cheat with magic and overwhelming power, those two can cheat by coming from another world. Rather impressive to see the power of knowledge in action, I feel like I’m watching Germany and Poland fight one another once again, You might think you are great on your high horse and your heritage of greatness, but it won’t give you much if you are against a tank.

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Enough talking about nonsense and let’s go more into the episode itself. It is obvious that there is some kind of weird harem forming around the siblings…and I like it. I was really negative last episode about the ecchi, but considering the way things are going I find it more and more appealing. The more I get to understand the tone of the show and how things progress the more I am able to enjoy it. There is just the right balance between things to amaze me and stuff to make me laugh. Same goes with the light dose of ecchi. I still think the ecchi is included in slightly weird ways from time to time, but overall it remains a positive experience.

No Game No Life pure nudity

The story is now progressing rather quickly, with Sora taking into control a being of the 6th level and an important one at that. It seems that he just made a new powerful ally that will allow him to move really quickly in power in the next few episodes. His initial goal was only to acquire knowledge, but it turns out that he got much more than he could have hoped for. This is all good sign, sign that the show is increasing the pace since we are already halfway through the story. It is important that it remains dynamic and moving until the end, because without a lot of development this show will just be yet another fanservice fantasy anime.

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