No Game No Life episode 7: Sacrifice of the Fool King

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I really love that Jibril is a new character. While Steph bring her role as the granddaughter of the previous king, an emotional, normal, useless human; The girl unfortunately doesn’t bring much in term of complexity and intelligence. This is where Jibril comes in and adds so much fantasy and badassness to the show. Sora and Shiro definitively had a Neet yet powerful feel to their character, but having an otherwordly being with them that share some of their qualities really increases the discussion in awesome territory. It is great to have an equal to Sora and Shiro helping them and giving advice, Jibril definitively proves to be an important asset.

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It seems to constantly be throwing me off how much ecchi there is by time in the show and yet how awesome it is in general. Over the years I’ve watch so many ecchi destroy their story for the sake of fanservice that No Game No Life surprise me every time in the way it manages to balance both in a way which doesn’t slow down the story or reduce the importance of character development. This episode we got to learn just as much about the previous king and what kind of person he was than we did learn about Jibril’s naked form and how attractive she was.

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This episode we got to learn some interesting things about the Warbeasts, we know that they are a group of multiple races working together under a prophet, we know they can read mind, we know they erase memories and that they are unbeatable. This all sounds like a group of one trick pony charlatans. They have one game that they constantly play, which they win using some kind of trick and when you see the trick it is easy to stop them, yet you cannot understand the trick until you lose, hence why they have you erase your memories. Meanwhile, the previous king was dumb and a unthreatening and therefore he used that as an advantage to give his kingdom a fighting chance in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if with just this little bit of information more, Sora and Shiro had everything they need to win their war against the Warbeasts.

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Important to note, the Warbeasts are known to be mind readers, therefore it will be important for the person proposing the challenge to be different than Sora and Shiro. The Warbeasts must not know that the two of them have acquired the knowledge necessary to beat them until the challenge begun, otherwise it would ruin humanity’s advantage. Another method to achieve this is to have Sora and Shiro lose something before hand, with punishment for them to lose all memories until they begin the game. Either way, there are many ways to beat mind-readers and usually most of those ways are to be completely stupid in the first place. If you don’t know what you are doing, they won’t know either. We will see next episode what approach they take, but I’m certain it will be quite entertaining.

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