No Game No Life episode 8: Beating them furries

No Game No Life raging beast

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Usually I would be the first person to complain about the addition of yet another cute girl who will just be added to Shiro and Sora’s harem, that little warbeast girl is looking way too tsundere and cute not to be another piece of their court. I hate when show creates a huge harem for the only purpose of making cute waifu as a fanservice and would rather have them give us some actual content instead. Which is exactly why I am not mad one bit at No Game No Life for this bit of fanservice considering how awesome and filled with content this episode was.

No Game No Life race piece

In a single episode, without even starting a challenge against them, Shiro managed to win against the Warbeasts. The date and official rules of the challenge against the warbeasts are not set yet, but after everything that Shiro figured out, he was able to corner them and push them to fight no matter what. At this point, Shiro won in every way possible, complete defeat, before things even got started. Blank is the best video game team in the world, the warbeasts are years behind them at every possible game they can think of. I find it rather interesting that it is the furry-beasts of all people who developed the highest level of technology in the world. I figure it is understandable considering they were constantly waging war against one another and they cannot use magic, but it remains an impressive feat for beasts to achieve such significant technological advantage. I mean, this show is obviously fantasy, so I probably shouldn’t look too deep into this, but it is kind of weird that the Flagel didn’t have the highest form of technology considering their thirst for knowledge. It is also a bit weird to see two nations one next to the other with such great technological difference, usually technology is something that “flows” no matter the relationship with your neighbours, you can only conceal knowledge so much.

No Game No Life palace entrance

Now, not only did we get a great episode involving the warbeast, but Sora also got involved with something much more powerful than them. We only got a glimpse and it happened suddenly, but Sora got involved with beings powerful enough to alter the fabric of time itself. I think it is perfectly fine to assume that he is in an ongoing game with the old Gods. What other being would be so strong as to distort the very ending of the show ! That’s some definitively impressive magic, those old Gods are not only capable of altering time and space, but they are also able to break the fourth wall of the show. Of course this is only speculations, but it seems that Sora was aware of what was going on and tried to warn Shiro about it, He claims that the game was already won before it even started. I feel next episode will be really interesting from a psychological standpoint, because it seems the two siblings will have to fight alone on their side and reunite somehow to beat this challenge. Considering all the hype they’ve put into this, I’m really eager to learn more about it, No Game No Life has a great pacing so far and it proves to be the definite best show of the season by far.

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