No Game No Life episode 9: A Matter of Existence

No Game No Life winning the game

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This episode was truly brilliant, the game played in No Game No Life keep on getting better and better over time. We are not just seeing people playing chest anymore, the games are more than just a question of strategy, cheating and bluff now. We are seeing everyone fight with their trust and memories now. It is one thing to bet something physical, it is a whole other thing to bet your memories and existence into a game.

I previously wondered just how much you can bet in a game and how complex a game could be according to the law of the world. This episode we got a glimpse of an answer from Jibril, even though it wasn’t anything specific. Jibril mentioned that it was impossible to make a game where people would bet their own existence as it was “too complex” or something like that. This means that a game can only be so complex as the strongest of party can themselves create. This means that the higher up in the world Shiro and Sora go, the more complex and world altering the games can be. Now, so far I have not mentioned anything about the consequences of a game, but those seems to somehow fall into the same category. Jibril and Shiro originally believed that the game was over, they theorized that the disappearance of Sora was a part of the result. Even using this theory, Jibril seemed to believe it was impossible to obtain such an outcome from winning or losing a game. We remain in very vague territory here, but it does seems to have some kind of limitation to what kind of wish can be bet in a game.

No Game No Life scary adventure

Another thing of interest which was revealed this episode was the unbelievable strength of the elves magic. As far as we were aware, Jibril is a much more powerful being than the elves and therefore it felt fitting that her magical powers would be greater than them. Turns out that the elves are able to what seems to be God-level magic. At the end of the previous episode I believed only the Gods could manage such a high level of manipulation of existence. It is kind of scary learning that this impressive magical display came from a much lesser race than the Old Gods. Makes you wonder what kind of impossible challenge would come after that.

No Game No Life No Game No Life memory highway

I believe this episode is exactly how I would describe No Game No Life to someone. It really summed up perfectly what the show was about and what to expect from it. It was such a great feeling to see how Sora wanted to convince Zell to follow his cause. The best way to make peace with someone or have someone trust you…is for them to know everything about you. The two of them shared all their memories and therefore they now know each other better than anyone on this world. This is much greater than love here, the two of them have essentially become the same person memory wise, they now share the same experiences and life events. If it were me, I think it might have changed my personality a whole lot to suddenly be merged with 20 years of different memories and experience. I would have sudden change to my personality nearly instantly.

Having said that, Sora is known to be all knowing about human characteristics, therefore it wouldn’t be that exaggerated to believe he already knew pretty much everything about Zell just by talking to her and looking at her. Zell must have been the one completely traumatized by the experience if anything.

No Game No Life crying reunion

With only 3 more episodes to go I have a feeling that the show will end with the conquest of the eastern federation with another 12 episodes season further down the line to finish the story. I wouldn’t mind that if they manage to bring a decent ending to this season, even if you don’t beat the end boss, just finishing the current storyline would be more than enough for me to appreciate the show completely.

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