Gangsta episode 1 [First Impression]: An Anime Better Than Its Name

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I had my fair share of doubt that I’d like Gangsta before even watching the episode. First I’m not a huge fan of gangster movies or anime, I don’t really get the whole “family of the street” kind of mentality. Even worse, the show is called Gangsta, just how ridiculously stupid does that sound? How can you possibly take an anime called Gangsta seriously?

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My doubts vanished so quickly as soon as I began the episode. Just from its opening I already knew that I would love the show and what ever it had to offer, I didn’t even understood the premise yet, but the atmosphere of the opening combined with the vision for its construction were enough to convince me to open my eyes and divert all my attention to this episode because it was going to be good. I was not disappointed either.

In term of tone, this first episode of Gangsta reminded me a lot of the very first episode of Psycho-Pass. The way the characters and the world are presented is very reminiscent of that first episode where we are sent straight into the action and the madness of this new world. Now I don’t need 3 episodes to understand what is going on, sure I don’t know that much about our characters, but I sure know enough about their jobs and how respected they are to understand the situation when the second episode will come. We haven’t touched the characters or crime organizations in depth, but we already have a good general idea of everything and our universe is therefore well established already.

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I am definitively going to be blogging Gangsta this season, so much as I hate its name, the atmosphere and theme of the show is something I seek a lot and it fits straight in my criteria of the serious seinen anime I love to watch. Too often anime is too light in its content, I enjoy something a bit more mature and rough that really shake your feelings of normality and go beyond what you would get in traditional family friendly media. I would recommend this show is you enjoy shows like Psycho-Pass or Cowboy Bebop and I’ll be here once again next week for the second episode of Gangsta.

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