Gangsta episode 10: Welcoming Yourself Into the Guild

Gangsta crazy axe girl

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 The final plan to exterminate the twilight from the city has been put into motion, there is no turning back and we can move forward at full speed to the final confrontation that will mark the finale of Gangsta. The show has done good to stay interesting so far and I’m eager to see how the final will be handled, we only have 2 more episodes to wrap up this story after all.

Gangsta they dead

The assault on the Guild has begun, the Christiano family has been weakened and Monroe does not have the strength to fight anymore, the enemy was able to isolate the Guild and is now confident in launching a full frontal-assault on it. I’m not sure where that confidence comes from though. The Guild has some of the strongest people in all of the city and while the twilight-hunter are surprising strong (capable of eclipsing an A/0 in speed), there are only a handful of them and I’m not sure how they fare against an S rank…or a couple of them. Yes Doug stood no chance against that axe-wielding girl, but that is not to say that the leader of the Guild won’t be able to crush her into a pool of blood and gore.

Gangsta lots of dead men

If Alex ever wanted to leave for her own safety, it would have been now, at this point things have started to come into motion and it seems inevitable that some serious gang war will start that will paralyze the city and give the building around here a new red paint job.

Final interesting thing to discuss, it was always pretty evident that Worick had a great memory, but it is the first time they actually mention that it is an illness more than a great attribute. As it turns out it is not just that he can learn and memorize things easily, he simply cannot forget. This can be seen both as a great power and a curse depending how you see things. He will never be able to forget that night when his father was killed in front of his eyes, no matter how much he tries to be distracted or how much medication and therapy he could try to go through, those are itched in his brain and they won’t ever go away. It might sound great on paper to remember everything, but it suddenly sound a lot worse when you realize that you have so many useless memory stuck with you forever. Every girl you loved, every cereal you ate, every fart you smelled. Somehow, there are things I don’t dislike forgetting sometimes, is anything Worick seems like someone who never really had a chance to live a happy life, it is kind of sad. He was born in a rich and powerful family, yet the best life he could hope for was a swift and excessive one.

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