Gangsta episode 11: Burning Down the City

Gangsta assault team

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 There was less action this episode than I expected, quite obviously a large amount of the weaker fighters of the Guild have already been killed trying to defend the place, but somehow it is not enough to even phase Paulklee. That woman doesn’t seem to care much about her mercenaries, she knows her strength and she knows her job, she doesn’t seem to mind too much if half her men die, she seems to care more about the cost associated with the destruction in the establishment.

Gangsta dying in his arm

I’m somewhat both happy and disappointed that Doug died this episode, his death was great since it showed a very interesting scene between him and Galahad. Twilights have very short lives, they live for a mere moment. This mean they are used to dealing with death and losing people, they are not as scared of death, it is part of their journey. You could see that Doug already accepted he was dead and Galahad didn’t felt overly sad to see him gone. This is just another day in this shit hole, their lives all suck and they already accepted that fact.

At this point there is no turning back, the Twilight-hunters have blown up half the city, they released smoke gas and murdered hundred of people. This will be an all-out war until one of the two side wins. At this point it is already assured that the balance between the 4 powers who rules the city will be destroyed. No matter what the outcome of this war, the consequences will never be the same. Either we end up with a city clear of those monstrous twilight, or we have an unstable town with even more murder and gang war than there already was.  This ending won’t just mark the peak of the escalation of war in the city, it is only the beginning of an era of chaos…as if the city needed any more of that.

Gangsta not a single fuck was given

I must admit I am not enjoying this final arc of Gangsta as much as I liked the beginning of the season. I just feel a lot more distant in the current event than I was at the beginning, I don’t feel the same connection to the other character as I do with Worick and Nicolas. I didn’t really care that Doug was dying or that some people are in danger, I did not have time to understand enough how normal life work in the town to be shocked about the sudden change. Hopefully the last episode will change my opinion of this battle.

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