Gangsta episode 12: That’s not even a cliffhanger, it’s just frustrating!

Gangsta this ending makes me cry

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I am so disappointed with this final episode of Gangsta, this is really how the season ends? With a story just about to take off and no clear sign of another season about to come out? I understand that cliffhangers are important to keep the interest high for more, but this is not a cliffhanger anymore, I didn’t even have time to get to the cliff, I’m barely starting to climb the hill. At this point its easier to just turn around and walk down than wait patiently on the edge of the cliff to know what will happen next. I didn’t dislike or hate Gangsta before, I enjoyed the show, but it now leaves me in this completely unsatisfying situation and my best way to cope with this uneasy feeling is to start erasing all fond memories I had with Gangsta. I would rather forget why I liked the show and forget I watched it, rather than wait and hope for a second season that might never come.

Gangsta worick in bad shape

I am severely disappointed by the lack of closure, but I’ll still try to discuss some of the more poignant things that happened in the episode (even if we may never get to see any more than this). Worick was flirting with death at the end of this episode, he was stabbed very badly and thrown down a window from the second floor, I am actually surprised he didn’t straight up die there, he thinks himself a bit too strong for how human he is.

Gangsta human shield

I should go further into detail about the episode, but I’m honestly just disappointed that this has to be the last review I’ll be doing. There are so many good shows, this one used to be one of them, but I just can’t focus on the good and exciting things of the episode, I just want to be done with this now. So long…

ZeroGhj signing off

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