Gangsta episode 2: Nico the Charming Nice Guy

Gangsta charming boy

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 It appears the show won’t try to spoofed us as little information as possible every episode, we are only at episode two and I feel we already got a shitload of information which gets me really excited for the future of the show. The second and third episode of a show you love are always the scariest. since you end up worrying if the other episode will live up to your expectations, I was happy to find this episode to be exactly as awesome as I would have hoped it to be.

Gangsta nude couple

This episode gave us a pretty good explanation of the Tags and what they mean, we already had a pretty good idea it implied they were badass, but now, even with a lack of a proper and clearly defined answer, we have a better understanding of exactly what it means. Tags are ex-mercenaries and they have some code system to determine their relative strength. Who decided on this system? No idea, what kind of strength it represents? No Idea. What I do know is that Nico appears to be the highest rank if an S rank doesn’t exist. We don’t know much about the ranking system, but I assume 0 is the best and usually in most metric A is the optimal ranking…so we have our hand on a pretty badass dude here.

While Nico has this crazy vibe to him, he also seems like the kindest and most reasonable man out there. I am not sure if it is his disability that makes him seem so likable or he just has this weird personality that allows him to wear both extremes at once. I would both shit my pants and try to hug him if I saw him in the street, it is a very weird yet unique feeling, I like it. He even manages to sound so cool when he actually speaks, the fact that you know its about the last thing you’ll hear makes it even cooler.

Gangsta cool guy

I still don’t know much about the universe of Gangsta, but now we know there are ex-mercenaries with super human power and they are supposed to be small change compared to the unknown entity known as Twilight. I have a feeling we’ll get some sparkling vampire appearing pretty soon, hype! In all seriousness though, with only 12 episodes Gangsta will really have to move forward with its story. It has to lay out its universe completely in the next few episode because I sense a lot of plot and complicated gangster stuff going on and we have very little time to go over it all. I’m really curious to see what way things will go from now on, if we will get a main story line going or we will stay with more episodic content.

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