Gangsta episode 3: Heavy Case of Stockholm Syndrome

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Worick and Nicolas sure have a complicated story between them. We got bits and pieces of how they “met” and it doesn’t sound like such a pretty story. From what I could gather from the many flashbacks, 22 years ago, Nicolas was an hired mercenary of the noble and rich family Worick was the son of. At some point Nicolas killed Worick’s dad and then injured Worick and left him blind in one eye. How the two of them went from this catastrophic event to becoming partner for the past 22 years is something I have difficulty figuring out, but the reason is sure to be interesting once it is revealed. Right now I have a feeling that either Nicolas was very misunderstood and he wanted revenge for everything that happened to him, or Worick has a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. Either way, there is a lot of backstory to discover there and they really loved teasing us throughout the whole episode. Alex tried her best to get the information she was going for, but Worick and Nicolas sure don’t like to have idle chat unless they are taunting an opponent.

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I am curious what direction Alex will take from here. The girl has come to this city because she had nowhere to be, now she has a roof, but she is starting to realize that this world might not be anything close to what she was expecting. Now she is faced with a decision, will she move on to find the paradise of another town? Or will she stay in this vile city? Among some of the worst people living in said city? The girl doesn’t seem like someone with a place to go, so really she has to decide if she tries her luck elsewhere or if she accepts this new life. There could be some perks with being associated with a high-level tag and a beautiful gigolo, but not everyone can deal with a life of constant stress and murdering. She definitively doesn’t look too fit for the lifestyle right now at least, but maybe this will follow the line of similar shows like Black Lagoon and we will get to experience their world and slowly get acclimated to it. I kind of like Alex, so I hope it is the second one, but we will probably see soon enough.

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Now let me backtrack a little bit and say, I am a little surprised that Worick went from being a rich kid of an important family…to working as a gigolo. I’m not a girl, but the guy really doesn’t even look that good to me, I’m surprised he’s all the rage among the ladies, I find Nicolas to be much more handsome, but I suppose his deafness can be a bit problematic for some client. There sure is a lot of story left to be told and I can’t wait for more. Now if only the show could continue coming out on a more constant schedule, that would be nice. I’ve seen it come out Saturday, then Thursday and now Wednesday, but at least you know a show is good when that’s your biggest complaint about it!

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