Gangsta episode 4: Problem Child

Gangsta smoking so young

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This episode of Gangsta gave a whole other perspective to what happened to Worick and his family. As it turns out, maybe things were not as simple as they seemed in the last episode. Worick was quite the problematic individual even back when he was a child. He was so young and still learning from a private tutor and he spent his evenings smoking in the courtyard. His family life seemed rather fucked up too, his father was sleeping with a prostitute every night and we didn’t quite hear about the wife in all this, but I can simply assume that he had not the most normal of upbringing. We don’t really know what kind of job the family was doing to get that much money, but it was really obvious that they were important members of society and that despite their sins and vile ways, they were at the top of society.

Gangsta young worick

Maybe Worick was not that shocked to see his parent die in the end, maybe he even was the one who asked for it, maybe he just said he’d want to see them dead half-jokingly and Nicolas simply misunderstood a joke for a command. I figure we’ll get more information on the specific events as the show goes on, but for now I’m pretty intrigued about this relationship, maybe Nicolas and Worick were better friends than I thought even before the murder of Worick’s entire family.

Gangsta young nicolas

If the past is interesting, so is the future. Alex seems pretty decided about leaving this place before it is too late, but then again the past few days and the way she shot her old boss seems to have left some profound scars which might not be that easy to heal from. Will she really leave or will she just end up staying and hope for the best? We didn’t have much screen time with her, but she definitively looks psychologically affected with the events of the past. I wonder if Nicolas and Worick will eventually acknowledge the precarious position they are in with Alex…or if they will simply keep on avoiding the subject and pretend nothing wrong is going on, as they seem to love doing.

Gangsta dwarf man

The episode was filled with information for those who were paying close attention. Worick’s lessons were filled with information about the experiments and wars which brought about the Twillights, or as we know them better, the Tags. Those super human who are stuck with so many defects and yet they are still powerful enough to look like complete monsters compared to regular human. I wonder if nearly all tags have so form of defect, is the little guy who appeared this episode actually a man who suffer from some kind of dwarfism? I still have so many question about some many aspect of this universe, I want to learn more!!!

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