Gangsta episode 5: Mental Health Issues and Drug Overdose

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I just have to preface this episode by mentioning how annoyed I am about the stupid scheduling issues for Gangsta. It’s been the 4th time it changes schedule in 5 episode, it is really annoying and makes it difficult to watch it routinely on time.

There was once again so much information layered into this episode, Gangsta never cease to amaze me with its richness. From flashback to current news to random discussion between characters, every line somehow has a meaning, and every meaning has something hidden behind it. Every episode is like its own treasure chest just waiting to be opened. If you listen closely and pay attention to detail, you finish an episode knowing so much more than you would by simply glaring at it absent-mindlessly.

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The thing that really boggled my mind this episode was at the end, everything that happened with Alex. Something really weird is going on with her and I’m not sure I understand completely what it is. I must admit I’m curious as to why she suddenly disappear, but I don’t pretend to understand it completely. She obviously has some very deep trauma after helping killing the guy who abused her, but the guy obviously isn’t alive, he was killed without a doubt, this is not a battle shounen where enemies just come back to life. Only thing I really gathered from this is that someone else came to pick her away and her past trauma distorted her reality, the question now is, who is it and why? We know that the handymen’s girl always end up in trouble, but I thought it was only because the town is a dangerous place for an innocent lady, I didn’t take that information to mean that someone was specifically trying to kill anyone related to them. What is this all about I wonder.

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Other than Alex mental health, we learned a lot about the twilights and how they work nowadays. Those superhuman are now treated like they have , at least some, rights and are part of an organization called the Guild that watch over them and make sure they behave. It appears the use of drugs is rampant among them and it was really at the forefront of the episode. Nicolas was doing an overdose on painkiller to the point where he was unable to feel pain one way or another and it appears that drug use is rampant with the twilights, which does not sound too surprising since their lives sound really fucked up to begin with.

Last thing I want to touch upon is the tags and “powerlevel” inscribed on them. It appears very clear from the episode that this power is not necessarily set at birth and can increase over the course of a lifetime. Nicolas used to be a C/3 and now he is A/0. He got promoted a whole bunch, but it also seems that 0 is the weakest level with 5 being the strongest, since the top lady of the Guilt is an A/5.  So Nicolas would be at the entry level of the strongest when it comes to power. I’m curious to see what kind of power difference there could be between a A/0 and a A/5 twilight.

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