Gangsta episode 6: Growing Up In Hatred and Abuse

Gangsta abused

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This episode of Gangsta was not the most eventful in term of action, but it sure answered a lot of questions that have been floating around in the last few episodes. The episode focused a lot on the backstory and we saw a lot of young Nicolas and Worick and I must admit, the story of their youth was rather brutal and unexpectedly sad. I knew that Worick’s familly was dysfunctional, but not to this extent.

Gangsta learning to be friends

So we have the drunk head of the family, the father who hates his own child and his responsible for the Twilight project, people are complaining about his work and trying to bring down the family, really a nice atmosphere for our little Worick to be growing up with,  he is prisoner of his own home where he is hated and abused. Meanwhile Nicolas is the result of a love affair and was sold for petty cash so much he was unwanted. Now he spends his day with minimal health care and heavy abuse, bordering death constantly and yet he never seems to complain. Nicolas has become so accustomed to pain and violence on his person that he actually seem to be dealing with it pretty well, he is obviously an extremely broken character, but at least he is functional in his daily life. At this point, with this much background on the uprising of the two kids, it really comes to no surprise how the carnage Nicolas is responsible for came to be. At this point it sounds very likely that Worick is the one who ordered the execution of his own family, the situation might have been completely different than what I originally thought, it sure is a very interesting development.

Gangsta forward

Meanwhile, thanks to Alex we were able to discover something really fucked up and sinister about the way prostitution works Ergastulum, there exists some awful drug that allows perfect control over the girls. A long acting drug that drive the girl to try their best to satisfy their master and who will hallucinate and completely lose reason, making them obedient slaves and always in need of more attention and gratification. I know people use drugs in that kind of field, but this is something else, this is not just an addiction, this is straight up psychological terror. From a business perspective though, this is an incredible way to keep your employees in line and have them loyal to your brand. I can perfectly understand why this technique is used, if you can get beyond the whole morality thing, this drug is perfect for the kind of job these women have to do. I’m now just curious how Worick and Nic will help Alex cope with the situation, especially now that things have begun to spiral out of control in Ergastulum. There is some major force coming in the way of peace, I feel things won’t go as smoothly as usual for the two handyman.

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