Gangsta episode 7: No Point Asking Why

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I shouldn’t have watched this episode of Gangsta at 4 in the morning, now I am writing this but I feel I missed so much information that was shown in between the line during the episode. This was it, we finally have the full story of Nicolas and Worick and we get to know how they got to start working together. I feel like so much crucial information right went above my head.

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We finally got everything we ever wanted in this episode, we had the explanation how Worick and Nicolas came to the point they are now and what their motivation for their job is. Worick hates twilights, yet he also loves Nicolas, yet he also hates himself and Nicolas at the same time. The guy is so conflicted in life, from the little I understood, I believe this is the point Worick tried to have come across, he cannot asks himself why, because there is no reason for his life anymore. Worick is living in the moment, a perpetual state of now, his past is awful, his future inexistent, he lives the same Nicolas does, without a future. Worick always wondered how Nicolas managed to continue living despite being abused every single day and having no family, no friends and no purpose other than fighting till he dies. Worick always asked him, why Nicolas never asked himself why,  he grew increasingly frustrated at seeing him suffer and somehow seeing him still living his life. Truth is, Worick was jealous, jealous he couldn’t live as carefree too, jealous he was stuck in his own trap of a life, trapped in this awful state. This is why Worick might not have wanted to live in the first place. He was but a shell, but now he stopped asking why. Now you can see the reasoning behind his statement “If I were to answer, it’d be all over. Right?”. If he starts wondering why, he will realize there was no reason to begin with and his life will become meaningless. When he stops asking himself questions, at least he can live.

Gangsta no point asking why

There were some other event in this episode that could be worth a mention, but I feel that Worick’s psychological struggle was so important that talking about anything else would ruin the great reveal of the episode and the way it was presented, so I will keep this review shorter than usual.

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